What is the Ageless Wisdom?

seeking truthIn every age and also in every country there are constantly those few people who seek a secret understanding called The Ageless Wisdom. The Ageless Wisdom has actually been gradually disclosed over a substantial time period. Blavatsky composed a series of publications in the last part of the 19th century, the most vital being The Secret Doctrine. Hence began the Theosophical Society, a popular, esoteric study school which taught the Eastern religions, philosophy and about Western cosmology.

From the 1920’s to the 1950’s Alice Bailey created twenty-four books of mystical viewpoint. Mrs. Bailey likewise established the Arcane School.

The Secret Doctrine and the Alice Bailey publications were written or perhaps channeled through the Bailey and Blavatsky by Master Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan as He is occasionally recognized, and also other Masters. Both Bailey as well as Blavatsky generated guides in telepathic cooperation with the Tibetan instructor Djwhal Khul

The Ageless Wisdom is a thorough world-view or spiritual standard that was handed downed through the ages from remote times, typically considered as expert, encompassing a cosmology of the origin, nature, and advancement of the universe/macrocosm and also its connection to human beings or the microcosm. These teachings deal with issues as well as worldly problems; and the spiritual-natural laws governing them; as well as how you can utilize these laws to redeem as well as spiritualize matter.

Based upon the timeless knowledge of the ancient teachings, yet upgraded for the demands of our contemporary intelligence, these mentors reveal a path to soul consciousness as well as the establishment of right human relationships.

The teachings offer answers to life’s inmost mysteries such as the nature as well as purpose of life, root cause of disease and sufferings, exactly what takes place at fatality and the afterlife, the existence of a supreme knowledge and a magnificent Plan, etc. The Ageless Wisdom likewise gives practical advice so that we could create as spirits as well as live as souls in the seven areas of human venture. No one can get involved in contact with it without causing powerful changes in one’s life– both in one’s attitudes as well as life intents.

In accordance with Ageless knowledge there are 7 realms or kingdoms.

1) Mineral kingdom.

2) Plant kingdom.

3) Animal kingdom

4) Human kingdom.

5)  Spiritual kingdom is

Beyond the spiritual kingdom (5th Kingdom) exists two more:

6) Hierarchy of Rays

7) Hierarchy of Lives

seeking wisdomThe Ageless Wisdom is not a religious belief, developed by just one authority or teacher. In fact, it has actually existed also prior to human faiths began. As well as each Teacher or Avatar who started each of the significant religious or spiritual traditions in the past aimed to lower to mankind portions or elements of this Wisdom that is applicable to the evolutionary needs of their certain period. These knowledge trainings are not restricted to churches. They include cosmology, as well as spiritual principles governing all aspects of human endeavor in the 7 areas of life which are: 1. Politics as well as governance, 2. Education and learning & psychology, 3. Approach and also interaction, 4. the Arts, 5. scientific research, 6. Religion, 7. Finance as well as economics.


The human kingdom together with the spiritual kingdom, and also Shamballa form the 3 major centers in the body of this planet. The human kingdom stands for the active intelligence, or the innovative element (third ray) of God, the spiritual kingdom (the spiritual pecking order) represents the Love-Wisdom the second facet (second ray) and also the Shamballa represents the very first facet (very first ray) or the will of God and has the magnificent plan for the world earth.

The spiritual hierarchy, the Masters of Wisdom are the custodians of this plan, which is implemented by the hierarchy via their adherents in the human kingdom working in the world.

According to Ageless wisdom the mankind is 18 1/2 million years of ages as opposed to clinical view which, places mankind as 4-6 million years of ages. There are 60 billion human souls living in the three planes (the three globes) the physical, astral-emotional and also the mental planes of human undertaking and also the spirit airplane. There have to do with 7 billion human beings currently in incarnation in the physical airplane.

There are two terrific laws that manage the spiritual progress in the world, the law of renewal as well as the law of reason for impact (the regulation of fate). We are currently at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, which last concerning 2150 years to 2500 years. Prior to completion this duration regarding the half of humankind will certainly take the very first initiation and also take the initial step of moving into the spiritual or the 5th Kingdom and also slowly create the kingdom of God or the kingdom of hearts on earth