What is Esoteric Astrology

About Esoteric Astrology

esoteric-astrologyThe field of astrology is a fairly complicated one, with each star and each visible planet having their own correspondences to nearly everything, within which the many positions they can find themselves in have their own correspondences. Attached to each of these correspondences are the events on planet Earth in the lives of ordinary human beings. This is a rigorous and ancient study, performed for thousands of years, so long that no one can truly say when it began. Further, many different societies composed their own correspondences for each astronomical body they could see, whether they were Mayan priests composing their society’s complex calendar around which agriculture was planned, Egyptian farmers spotting Sirius and getting ready for the Nile’s flooding or Polynesian mariners using the movement of the stars to guide them through the vast reaches of the Pacific ocean.

One particular form of astrology that is somewhat less ancient is the field of esoteric astrology. But what is esoteric astrology? Esoteric astrology is an element of many theosophical doctrines. Theosophy in general is one of the largest mystical movements of the past two hundred years and has had a major impact on a number of Western mystical traditions. Though theosophy has a complicated and at times controversial history, it has none the less been a major force in the development of Western mysticism since its inception in the 19th century, and its legacy is felt in a number of places across the planet, whether it was their support for the Indian National Congress that shaped the modern Indian subcontinent or the New Age movement that continues to develop in new and unexpected directions with each passing year.

Esoteric astrology is essentially the astrology of the soul. Each of the stars and planets in the heavens correspond to not only events on Earth, but events in the human soul. While predicting the future of any one soul is a feat that is more myth than practical accomplishment, the correspondences associated with esoterica astrology can and almost always invariably do provide new insights into the soul of the person they are associated with. The back bone of esoteric astrology, also known as soul centered astrology, is the idea that there is a spark of divinity inside every human being. While different societies over the ages have their own terms and explanations, there is no denying that every human being has something inside them that elevates them and allows them to think and feel in ways that are complex and multifaceted. Though the exact composition of the human soul has been a matter of some debate over the last thousands of years (which each society on the planet having their own view of this undeniable element of the human experience), human societies across the planet have universally been adamant that there is more to the human being than just their flesh and bones.

Astrology, the soul, and divine human soul

The study of esoteric astrology focuses on correspondences between the human soul and the heavens. There are many layers of history and purpose to these correspondences, which were laid out by Alice A. Bailey, as dictated to her by the Tibetan mystic Djwhat Khul, and have since become a major element of many theosophical mystical practices. Focused heavily on the balance between the human body and the divine human soul, as well as its connection to one another known as the Antahkarana, esoteric astrology is among the more complex Ancient Wisdom teachings. Among the most important correspondences inside these traditions are the correspondence between the stars and planets and the soul infused personality, six elements of that make up the soul inside the teachings of theosophy.