What is the Ageless Wisdom?

seeking truthIn every age and also in every country there are constantly those few people who seek a secret understanding called The Ageless Wisdom. The Ageless Wisdom has actually been gradually disclosed over a substantial time period. Blavatsky composed a series of publications in the last part of the 19th century, the most vital being The Secret Doctrine. Hence began the Theosophical Society, a popular, esoteric study school which taught the Eastern religions, philosophy and about Western cosmology.

From the 1920’s to the 1950’s Alice Bailey created twenty-four books of mystical viewpoint. Mrs. Bailey likewise established the Arcane School.

The Secret Doctrine and the Alice Bailey publications were written or perhaps channeled through the Bailey and Blavatsky by Master Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan as He is occasionally recognized, and also other Masters. Both Bailey as well as Blavatsky generated guides in telepathic cooperation with the Tibetan instructor Djwhal Khul

The Ageless Wisdom is a thorough world-view or spiritual standard that was handed downed through the ages from remote times, typically considered as expert, encompassing a cosmology of the origin, nature, and advancement of the universe/macrocosm and also its connection to human beings or the microcosm. These teachings deal with issues as well as worldly problems; and the spiritual-natural laws governing them; as well as how you can utilize these laws to redeem as well as spiritualize matter.

Based upon the timeless knowledge of the ancient teachings, yet upgraded for the demands of our contemporary intelligence, these mentors reveal a path to soul consciousness as well as the establishment of right human relationships.

The teachings offer answers to life’s inmost mysteries such as the nature as well as purpose of life, root cause of disease and sufferings, exactly what takes place at fatality and the afterlife, the existence of a supreme knowledge and a magnificent Plan, etc. The Ageless Wisdom likewise gives practical advice so that we could create as spirits as well as live as souls in the seven areas of human venture. No one can get involved in contact with it without causing powerful changes in one’s life– both in one’s attitudes as well as life intents.

In accordance with Ageless knowledge there are 7 realms or kingdoms.

1) Mineral kingdom.

2) Plant kingdom.

3) … Read the rest

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What is Esoteric Astrology

About Esoteric Astrology

esoteric-astrologyThe field of astrology is a fairly complicated one, with each star and each visible planet having their own correspondences to nearly everything, within which the many positions they can find themselves in have their own correspondences. Attached to each of these correspondences are the events on planet Earth in the lives of ordinary human beings. This is a rigorous and ancient study, performed for thousands of years, so long that no one can truly say when it began. Further, many different societies composed their own correspondences for each astronomical body they could see, whether they were Mayan priests composing their society’s complex calendar around which agriculture was planned, Egyptian farmers spotting Sirius and getting ready for the Nile’s flooding or Polynesian mariners using the movement of the stars to guide them through the vast reaches of the Pacific ocean.

One particular form of astrology that is somewhat less ancient is the field of esoteric astrology. But what is esoteric astrology? Esoteric astrology is an element of many theosophical doctrines. Theosophy in general is one of the largest mystical movements of the past two hundred years and has had a major impact on a number of Western mystical traditions. Though theosophy has a complicated and at times controversial history, it has none the less been a major force in the development of Western mysticism since its inception in the 19th century, and its legacy is felt in a number of places across the planet, whether it was their support for the Indian National Congress that shaped the modern Indian subcontinent or the New Age movement that continues to develop in new and unexpected directions with each passing year.

Esoteric astrology is essentially the astrology of the soul. Each of the stars and planets in the heavens correspond to not only events on Earth, but events in the human soul. While predicting the future of any one soul is a feat that is more myth than practical accomplishment, the correspondences associated with esoterica astrology can and almost always invariably do provide new insights into the soul of the person they are associated with. The back bone of esoteric astrology, also known as soul centered astrology, is the idea that there is a spark … Read the rest

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Yoga as Ancient Wisdom

The Timeless Wisdom Of Yoga And Meditation

meditate-soul-awakeningTo some people, yoga and meditation may seem fairly trendy. While it is true that yoga and meditation are getting a lot more attention than they did in years past, they aren’t anything new. As a matter of fact, people have been using both yoga and meditation as a relaxation method for centuries. In the Autobiography of a Yogi, by Parmahansa Yogananda he speaks of many paths and disciplines that help a person along the way, including overcoming obstacles in life as seen in the astrology chart.

Why are these things only getting attention now? How can the average person benefit from yoga and meditation? Read on to learn more about the ways we can benefit from this spiritual wisdom.

Yoga And Meditation Can Improve Health

Both yoga and meditation have been clinically proven to improve health. As a matter of fact, both of these things are sometimes recommended to patients by their doctors.

Using yoga to improve health isn’t anything new. In Ancient Tibet, yoga was used in order to keep people healthy and vibrant. The same is true of meditation. Meditation has been used to promote health for a very long time.

Why can these practices keep us healthy? While there are a number of different factors, it is mostly that both of these practices help people to relax. Stress can take a real toll on a person’s health. It is vitally important that people find a way to manage that stress.

Physical Activity

teach-learn-limberAs we age, our bodies become less limber. We are more prone to aches and pains, and we may struggle to complete tasks that we once finished with ease. Because of this, a lot of people become sedentary.

However, it is possible for people to remain physically active even when they are elderly. Yoga was designed for people of all ages. Many of the people that practice yoga are senior citizens.

People in the distant past understood how important exercise was. When they developed yoga, they made sure that anyone could use it to stay in shape.

Yoga, Meditation, And Spirituality

Spirituality and faith are two concepts that a lot of people struggle with. Most people want to focus on their faith, … Read the rest

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The Enduring Wisdom of Astrology

About The Ageless Wisdom Of Astrology

The skies have, practically since the dawn of the human race, been a great mystery to humanity. Beyond even the skies, for thousands of years, human beings have looked up at the night sky and wondered exactly what the dizzying array of patterns made in the heavens above. For the past eight thousand or so years of human civilization, stargazing has become an important part of human culture and this will likely never change as long as human beings can still see the night skies. Questions about the nature of the stars and the places where they dwell is a matter of thousands of years of study, studies that have only gotten more intense and determined since the dawn of the space age.

The earliest students of the heavens, however, were the earliest sages from essentially every human civilization on the planet. Many times, stargazing was found to be a useful survival tools. After the priest magicians of pharaonic Egypt determined that the appearance of the bright star Sirius (known to the pharaonic Egyptians as the goddess Sothis) preceded every annual flood of the Nile river. Given as the floods of the Nile river were both the most dangerous natural hazard and most essential life giving event of the year, knowing the flooding was happening in advance proved to be a valuable boon to Egyptian civilization. Similarly, the ancient Polynesian mystics found that the appearance of Sirius in the sky preceded the winter season and its impact on the many islands the Polynesian peoples called home. It was not long before they discovered that the star could also be used as a valuable navigational aid, enabling Polynesian culture to become one of the most widespread of the ancient world.

These early astronomers, however, were also the first astrologists. Using the clear signs of the stars to determine the impact of events, these ancient sages eventually began studying other correspondences between the stars and planets and events on planet Earth. The priests of ancient Babylon equated many of these stars and planets to their many deities and planned their empire’s calendar and their rituals around the movements of the heaven so as to make the maximum impact. The importance of … Read the rest

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